Me and Colins costume for halloween.


Video i did for Late of the Pier earleir this year, based on Bruce lee's Hall of Mirrors and my mum's mirror cupboard when i was five.

Special Shoes

Colourpop shoes done for lazyoaf.com hexibition in London.


Wonderful, wonderful day being a tourist in Copenhagen.

Potato Cakes

In Ireland they call fry ups "a fry" and chips "a chip". Simpler I suppose.

Super Chip

Went to Ireland to draw on a cottage for my friend's festival "Homemade Jam". Collaborated with EKTA in the lovely irish wet weather.

Pyramids in Space

Finished piece on the wall of ORO gallery Gothenburg. Like Laputa but with Pyramids and Gherkins.

Gothem City

Trip to Gothenburg, Sweden, to vist EKTA (fotolg.com/ekta)