This was an impulsive thing, just got home and wanted to paint my board (man), i visited these bumps in Hackney very recently.

This is unfinished, i'm going to fill the whole front in so when its done it's going to look like at tie dye wet dream, think it will be nice when its washed and faded.

After deciding to stop shopping at Tesco's altogether i have been having to go to lidl a little bit more, and i think it makes me feel a bit weird. Me and Colin can only manage half a tin of gherkins, the rest just linger around our studio until one of us plucks up the courage to pour them out. Also the packaging is so bright it hurts my eyes. At least the crusti crocs are really tasty, i discovered them through jill.

Snake mountain

Was looking for pictures of Snake mountain and came across this illustration by Robin Davies taken from the Masters of the Universe Ladybird book "Wings of Doom". Looks like Stratos is in trouble.

The head emerges from a rocky outcropping, infested with little figures who swarm over it; a diabolical mass is being conducted inside the gaping mouth, and on the pate sits a figure of the pope enthroned beneath a canopy with indulgences pinned up on the staves; various rituals and processions take place and are labelled with letters; in the foreground Protestant iconoclasts are clearing up bits of altarpieces, religious sculptures, sundry vanities and other church paraphernalia and tipping them into a fire.
From here.

I get this salty yoghurt drink from my local turkish corner shop, its strangely tasty.

Canned Heat

Joseph Yoakum

Folk artist from America. One of his titles for a work reads,
"This is the flooding of Sock River through Ash Grove Mo on July 4, 1914 in that drove many persons from Homes I were with the Groupe leiving their homes for safety"


Me and Colin have started up Yo!Tube, look out for new audio video and intermissions.