Ed was a rocket man from the new nation, and like all others had to come back down at some point. His new-age passed into old-age and his dayglo shirts faded pale.

Planet to Planet

Next year i will be walking from planet to planet via the interstella footbridge.

Coast to Coast

Walked from one side of England to the other this summer in very wet weather. This is one side.

This is the other side.

We used the Coast to Coast book by Alfred Wainwright.
Jill is creating a zine of the whole thing sometime soon, and i cant wait to see it, will keep you posted.


Image made for an upcoming monochrome exhibition in Spain. One time where i have used a computer for colouring-in, still getting used to that.


New video i made with lots of help from many people, including this one, for Ben Esser.


Unit Base Mount

Metronomy Accord

Car decorated by Col and me for the new Metronomy track "Heartbreaker".

Damo's Kitchen

Damien's Kitchen in Northern Ireland, a really nice place, i would like to go there every year.


Nice Emerson, Lake and Palmer album cover i found at my dads with a volcano detail.

Pike O Blisco

We went the wrong way on a walk in the Lakes and ended up here. Jill took these photos of the quarry.


Song by Late of the Pier, video by me, totem pole made by Helen MacIntyre.